hopelessly in hopeful state of mind

The Sunset Kings is a seven-piece indie-rock band featuring vocals, guitar, bass, drums, violin, and saxophone, and live sound engineering onstage. Their unique style of jazz-fusion is strung together with soulfully expressive melodies.  

Formed in Boston, The Sunset Kings first began during the summer of 2015, after Allister Quilon (Star) took a car and guitar from Boston to Texas and back, wandering into bars in Connecticut, Kansas City, Indiana, Denver, Austin, and Virginia to play music. With a notebook full of lyrics and ideas written during this road trip, Star began collaborating with Seattle guitarist Matthew Hughes and jazz drummer Mike Larsen to create a modern sound fueled by storytelling and poetry. Together they set out to find other musicians who shared a vision of contributing their own styles and musical backgrounds to create an eclectic sound.  

It wasn’t long before Matt’s brothers Zach and Nick Shannon (Shag) flexed their own musical talents and joined the band. Zach, a tech-savvy wunderkind, designs and produces the sound for the band’s recordings and live shows, while Shag, the grandson


of one of Berklee’s first female guitarists, picked up the bass and became virtuosic at it in less than a year. Hannah Lopez joined The Sunset Kings on the violin, adding an amazing orchestral touch to their sound. Shortly after, saxophonist Ritchy Lamarre earned his place in the band after his first jam due to his classy yet hip energy inside and outside the practice room. The result is a group who live together in a home where music is a business and a passion.  The Sunset Kings’ list of influences looks more like an eclectic Spotify playlist: The Doors, Nirvana, Snarky Puppy, The Dear Hunter, Frank Ocean, BADBADNOTGOOD, Pretty Lights, The Mars Volta, and Dream Theater among them.

A band of producers, their home has become known as “The Music Factory”, named after the amount of music projects happening within the house at the same time. The late night improv sessions between the seven laid the foundation for the group to become the rock soul outfit that it is now, and earned them the name “The Sunset Kings”.